Empire Ears technically advanced high-end in-ear headphones are powerful performers

Empire Ears’ line up of visually striking in-ear monitors boast immersive sound signatures, cutting-edge design and unrivalled build quality.

With over 30 years of experience in acoustic engineering, Empire Ears’ in-ear monitors are handcrafted, designed, engineered and manufactured in Georgia, USA. From the silver-plated copper wires to the beautiful jewel tone shells – only the finest material is used to craft every single component of each in-ear monitor. 

But these in-ear headphones are more than just a fashion statement – they are a way to bring your music collection to life using state-of-the-art technology.

The Empire Ear models feature multiple advanced proprietary technology, including balanced armature speakers and dynamic range subwoofers that deliver maximum clarity and a powerful low end response. Each model is further tuned with a highly advanced “synX” crossover network to faithfully achieve studio monitor levels of audio reproduction.

Bravado MKII – £799
Bravado is Empire Ears’ entry-level offering, with class-leading performance and technology including the highest-performing dual driver in-ear monitor ever.

Designed for perfect neutrality, Bravado’s sound signature is all about equality – providing the perfect balance between the bass, midrange, and treble.

It uses two different driver technologies, a class-leading 4-way synX crossover network, and A.R.C. anti-resonance technology to deliver the most performance possible.

ESR MKII – £1,099
Now in its second generation, the ESR (Empire Studio Reference) MKII is designed to offer the best studio IEM experience possible. It provides a reference point for mixing and mastering engineers by achieving the true-to-recording dynamics, ultra fast transients, super-wide dispersion and the flattest response possible. The ESR MKIIs aren’t just for studio use – it’s also for audiophiles who prefer a more neutral and linear signature.

The ESR MK II is powered by three triple-balanced armatures combined with dual electrostatics, culminating in a five-driver hybrid configuration. Each part of the driver array is supported by a 4-way synX crossover network, EIVEC electrostatic control technology, plus ARC anti-resonance treatment to avoid contamination of the soundstage. The ESR has a bespoke “Brushed Silver” finish faceplate.

Hero – £1,349
Hero is a standout hybrid IEM with an uncompromising performance focused on delivering the purest connection between listener and IEM. Its sophisticated design, proprietary technology and extraordinary audio reproduction capabilities make it a class-dominating product.

At the heart of Hero is a proprietary quad hybrid configuration comprised of triple balanced armatures and a next generation W9+ subwoofer. This combination generates legendary bass response while delivering lush, intimate vocals and supreme detail retrieval, via a 4-way synX crossover network backed by A.R.C. resonance mitigation technology.

Hero features an exclusive “Titanium Blizzard” faceplate design.

Valkyrie MKII – £1,599
Valkyrie MKII was designed to create the single most captivating listening experience possible. Laser precise highs deliver unprecedented detail, while a tight and responsive low end drives a listening experience unlike any other. 

It features electrostatic drivers that deliver a crisp and detailed high end, balanced armature drivers for the lush mids, and dynamic W9 subwoofer for tight, rich and natural lows. Valkyrie MKII has a striking “Dragonhide” faceplate design.

Combined with the latest EIVEC (Empire Intelligent Variable Electrostatic Control) technology, Valkyrie MK II is tuned with a specially-designed synX crossover network to faithfully achieve studio monitor levels of audio reproduction.

Legend X – £2,299
Legend X has seven proprietary drivers (including twin W9 subwoofers) and an industry leading, state-of-the-art 10-way synX crossover network to offer an extraordinary Empire Ears experience.

Featuring top-tier levels of transparency and separation, as well as one of the widest sound stages in the industry, Legend X was conceived, designed, and crafted to faithfully reproduce what the artist had intended. With the expertise of producers and mix engineers, including 7x Grammy Award winner, Jeremiah Adkins, Empire Ears was able to understand first-hand what they require from in-ear monitors.

Odin – £3,399
Odin is the new flagship in-ear monitor of the Empire Ears X series. Named after the father of gods in Norse mythology, Odin is the personification of Empire Ears’ DNA at its most extreme – in design, performance and breadth of capabilities. 

Odin is the most powerful and exclusive IEM in Empire Ears’ history. Boasting three of the industry’s most advanced driver technologies, Odin is a truly standout tribrid flagship IEM with an uncompromising performance ethos. Odin has 11 proprietary drivers – 2 next-gen W9+ subwoofers, 5 balanced armature drivers, and 4 premium electrostatic drivers – all tuned using an advanced 7-way synX crossover network. To mark its flagship status, Odin features an ultra-exclusive “BIFROST” faceplate design.

“Odin is designed to make the most of every moment each listener spends in its company, promising instants of sheer listening euphoria. While conventional IEMs focus on simply reproducing sound, Odin authoritatively delivers the exacting emotion of every nuance recorded through its extraordinary 5Hz-100kHz frequency response range.” – Jack Vang, VP of Empire Ears

The Empire Ears IEMs are available to buy now at Audio Sanctuary, Audiologica, Hifonix, Hi Fi Lounge, Harrods and more.


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Bravado MKII



Valkyrie MKII

Legend X